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Date:23 August 2017 | Author: Admin
metalsludge tv

He also insists on condoms and hes big on fondling tits while hes pounding away. Damn hes beautiful His uncle is pretty hot too. Likes to spank asses and is very into anything involving the anus Also known to be a dick and incredibly self absorbed as well as wearing extremly tight pants. While Chlorine might not have sold that many records at least they can fuck good Erik Turner Warrant I heard that Eric is a nice guy and has a nice package about inches. About inches

Hes a quick shooter and talks WAY too fucking much. Unfortuately the man will kiss you for about fifteen minutes and thats the end of foreplay. Youd have to figure that those lips would be good for something. Can be a fun time believe it or not. Good luck Danny Wagner ExWarrant Now I heard that Danny has a big cock. No Doubt arent a metal or hard rock band but since Tony has a inch cock and plays the bass I thought Id include him for those of you who listen to a variety of music. Will treat you like an actual person and give you right number

Not a cheap ass though so hes got that going for him. Sick people. Hes a quick shooter and likes multiple girls. Really needed someone to take care of him he loves to be held. Popoff Lit has a pretty big cock and even whipped it out on stage which ended up with him getting arrested. Taylors tribute in particular was very emotional. Lajon Witherspoon Sevendust Decent size cock knows what to do with it and a very good kisser. Butch Walker Reports have it that Butch has a slightly below average dick and likes to have sex in public places He loves to receive oral as well as give it and is an intense sweettalker. Hell pursue relentlessly especially when youre a challenge. Overall Id give him a in the sack even though it was all I could do to keep from laughing when he came. Like most tall skinny guys hes above average and likes plenty of foreplay. s UNDERGROUND In. Doesnt like to fuck at night. Paul Stanley Kiss About to inches and hell treat you very nice He loves his hairy chest

Blackie Lawless . Also enjoys and lots of different positions. He looks for a girl who doesnt talk about him all the time and is quite cultural. You will have chills mercer county community federal credit union for days after having a night with this man and trust me you will know why he is called Kari THE MOUTH Kane. Not huge but with the perfect upward gspot curve. Made sure I finished too which is rare in a rocker Pretty good going down too. Ripper Owens ExJudas Priest Ripper isnt that big and he is menifee gym somewhat hairy but hes a cool guy to hang with. He shags like a rabbit in heatand likes to cuddle as well but beware of his infamous fog machine Plus hes been known to lie about his age. A nice affectionate guy though. Hell even give you his real telephone number Very creative guy and Ive never heard of him getting a bad report Just like Bret he doesnt like his girls Menomonie wi real estate to be with other guys while its ok for him to be with other girls. Robb Flynn Machine Head About or inches but its rather skinny. If any personal information gets posted about another user well delete it and youll be banned

metalsludge tv

Parker Ex. Over all it was a pretty good experience i give it a Derek Frigo ExEnuff Z Nuff Derek is hung nicely and into foreplay and all that. Marq Torien BulletBoys Marq has a dick mesquite backpage so small he probably pisses on his balls. Jeff Reid ExSR Average size but has GOOD width. He seems to care about making sure you have some fun too. Known to be a total dick. Also very manipulative and a control freak

A little on the cocky side however. A nice affectionate guy though. br br br br br br br br Fred Durst says it has nbsp Eingebettetes Video nbspUnforgiven Billboard Music Awards Lyrics Lay beside me Tell me what theyve done And speak the words I wanna hear To make Jayce Fincher is married to Christina LloreeFincher with a couple of children. An average size dick but a good fuck. Jim Root aka Slipknot An average size penis but supposedly has very soft lips and is a good kisser. Tom DeLonge

Would rather receive oral than give it Metastock professional 11 free download but want guy wouldnt Also likes to talk during sex but not necessarily about sex. Tommy Stewart ExGodsmack Tommy like his Godsmack bass player Robbie has a very nice cock. Doesnt like to fuck at night. He usually shaves it completely bald but on ocassion likes to grow the hair into different shapes and dye the pubic hair. However his bed room skills leave a little bit to be desired. Likes to get and give LOTS OF oral and knows what how to eat at the Y and HOW metadyne industries JB Buckcherry Very well hung. pretty much a wam bam thank you maam kind of guy. Throws around the word groupie like crazy and is backstage at metareddit list every show and half the bands have no idea who he is. I cant believe this was ever written. One girl told me The only problem is when youre having sex with him you get the impression hes performing for screaming fans. Also fooled around with Jenna Jameson

metalsludge tv

Hes a quick shooter and likes multiple girls. Probably depends on how well he is into you no pun intended. Sort of weird as well plus he looks like a steel worker from Iowa Rick Steier ExWarrant He mercury marauder for sale craigslist has an average size DOWN BOY nothing too great but nothing too bad. Hes very selfish and wants it his way. Mike Merrol hyde magnet school Starr ExAlice In Chains Smooth with the lines and average in size. The Long amp Short of Rock N Roll CocksI hear frank Bello gets around

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    While fucking him he loves when you slap him on the ass and call him Daddy. Derek Sherinian ExDream Theater Alice Cooper An average penis with a shaved nut sack. We dont care. Also there is a good letter about Genes bed behavior in my HoBag so go check that out for more. Hes back to wearing hair extensions and of course enjoys his krell

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Theres plenty more on Rick in the HoBag. Likes to bite too Flea Red Hot Chili Peppers Flea may seem the scruffy second metalsludge tv metalsludge tv choice to Anthony but hes very attractive and intense in one hard compact package. Made sure I metalabs finished too which is rare in a rocker Pretty good going down too

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